Vor Gericht: Gesamte Aussage von 6ix9ine veröffentlicht!


Nachdem US-Rapper 6ix9ine kürzlich ein umfangreiches Statement vor Gericht abgegeben hat und dabei detailreich gegen seine ehemalige Gang aussagte, hat der Investigativ-Journalist Matthew Russell Lee das gesamte Gespräch zwischen 6ix9ine und dem Richter veröffentlicht. Unten seht ihr sämtliche Tweets dazu zusammengefasst.

Ganz unten findet ihr den ersten Tweet des Journalisten, über den ihr zu den übrigen Tweets gelangt. Wir haben euch die Fragen des Richters schwarz und die Aussagen von 6ix9ine kursiv markiert. Textstellen, die nicht markiert sind, sind Anmerkungen des Gerichtsschreibers oder indirekte Rede.

Hier ist die gesamte Aussage:

„Your honor, the government calls Daniel Hernandez.“ He’s in prison blues. Deputy Smallman just swore him in. It’s on. Q: Mr Hernandez, where were you born? Bushwick, Brooklyn. Q: how far did you go in school? Like tenth grade. When did you start living in federal custody? When did you start cooperating? „The next day. The day after we were taken down.“

Q: were you a member of a gang? Yes. The Nine Trey Bloods. Q: what sort of things did 9 Trey do? Robberies, assaults, drugs… Q: do you recognize anyone in court? A: Anthony Ellison has a gray suit on. Mack has a brown suit on.

Where’d you go to school? PS 59. Campos middle school. Legacy high school. Did you work? I started working at 13. My first job was at Youth Corps, for about 2 months. Didn’t make a lot, so bussed tables with my brother. Then grocery store delivery boy 2 years

I landed another bus boy job. Then I became a wrapper. Peter Rogers came into the store I worked in in Sept 2014 to buy tea and peanuts, asked me if I rapped. Said, You look cool. I made more like rock n‘ roll rap….

Toured in Bratislava, Slovakia; Moscow… For all those shows I made about $2 thousand profit. I did it just for the experience. It changed in Sept 2017. Filmed a music video in #BedStuy, 370 Madison. Gov’t exhibit 202 [Inner City Press has requested all exhibits]

It was called Gummo. G-U-M-M-O I had signed a 20% management deal… Seiko Billy… (starts rapping: in the hood… first use of N-word). Billy is Nine Trey, so I asked him to provide members for the video. „I met him at the studio in Williamsburg.“

Brought Hennessy and at 370 Madison I met Shotti, he said, We with you little homie. Also brought a bunch of red bandannas. Met Pablo.“ Is shown photo and says, Shotti is Kifano Jordan

Government played a song, LOUD. Now they are parsing the video, #6ix9ine pointing out all the guns in it, linking one to Shotti. „Is that a real gun?“ „Yes.“

„What is a drum?“ „You add it to a gun. It carries an extra clip.“ AUSA quoting lyrics using „N-word,“ as in „Uber N-word.“ Now #6ix9ine is saying „N-word.“ „Mister Hernandez, what is Gummo about?“ „It’s a diss song, toward like somebody I don’t get along with.

Trippie Redd was part of Five Nine Brims, Hernandez testifies. „Did there come a time that Gummo was released on the Internet?“ Yes, it went viral. „Meaning, people shared it.“ „I just put it up on YouTube and said, whatever happens, happens.“

Hearsay: Shotti said, that little rainbow head knows that he doing. „How did Kooda come about?“ „I knew I had a formula, to repeat it, the gang, what is the word for it, image, I would say, promote it, you know what I’m trying to say? That’s what people like.“

„Before I changed my style of rap, I liked this kid called Kooda, I thought he was talented, so I named the song after him.“ „Kooda was filmed in Brooklyn, intersection of Fulton Avenue and Utica, near Smurf Village. It is Nine Trey members who live there.“

Now government plays (parts of) Kooda, again very loud. 6ix9ine testifying about the Big Homie in Smurf Village (!) Government pulls up transcript of Kooda lyrics, Exh 609t.

„If you replace N-word with ‚people,‘ that’s what I meant. No one understood how rainbow hair could be with the Bloods… Fifty means to be on point, to be aware. Objection: leading. Sustained.

Q: How did you come up with drafting those lyrics? Based on your time with Nine Trey, did you learn some of their lingo?“ „Come again?“ Lingo. Judge Engelmayer says the jurors want their mid-afternoon break. 15 min.

And we’re back, last #6ix9ine segment of the day. AUSA asks, „When did you become a member of Nine Trey?“ November 2017. Were you initiated? No. You had to shoot your 31…

to be initiated you had to do work. Like, cutting someone’s face. Mr Hernandez, but you were not initiated, right. Right. I just had to keep making hits and giving financial support to the gang. Equipping with guns. Like, so they could buy guns

So what did you get from Nine Trey? „I would say my career. Credibility. Protection. All of the above.“ Trey Way was something what we could market. Q: Could you demonstrate the handshake? A: I need two people, but…

Now #6ix9ine is shaking hands with himself, standing up so the jury can see. AUSA: „Who taught you that?“ „I’m doing it with Shotti a lot.“ „The nine with your index finger and your thumb.“ Nuke taught me. Photo. „I think I was just getting the hang of it.“

„We show up at a strip club in Brooklyn. Angels strip club, I don’t want to be quoted.“ [There is a court reporter.] I wasn’t making the sign right. He pulled me to the side. Yo, like, if you’re going to be Nine Trey you have to make the sign right.

Mr. Hernandez, did you ever see Mr. Ellison make the sign? „Yes.“ Cuing up another video. „Your honor, there’s a little technical issue.“ Engelmayer: Ok, very good. „Just show the witness the opening frame of Exhibit 802.“ Pauses at 7 seconds on the B-word

„Mr Hernandez if you could identify the people in the photograph.“ „I don’t know the guy in the LA hat.“ „And what is Mel Murda wearing?“ „Cincinnati Reds… He’s the grandfather, I mean godfather, of the Nine Trey Bloods.“ a/k/a Mel Matrix…

„Does 9 Trey have a leadership structure?Yes. There was a street line up and a prison line up. A: How did the prison line up work?My understanding is that with the prison line up there was a higher up to get anything sanctioned on the street.“ Objection!

Overruled. Now 6ix9ine says he spoke to Frank White and Magoo. „They could say who had ranking and who didn’t.“ Q: Turning to the street line up, were there ranks? A: There was a godfather… twins… Five star general…

Who occupied the positions? „Mel Murda was the godfather. Right under was Shotti… Seiko Billy was a five star.“ Judge Engelmayer: I’m looking for a stopping point. (He said it will end at 4 pm, in 5 minutes.)

#6ix9ine: „Shotti told me if you take care of the people behind the wall, they’ll take care of you.“ Judge Engelmayer says lunch will be ordered in for jurors tomorrow, to save time. „Counsel I’ll see you tomorrow.“ It’s done for the day. Last story on this coming

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